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    [​IMG] I have the chance to get a Flemish Rabbit ( my first) with or without a pedigree. The pedigree price is more and I want to know why. Why would you need a pedigree for a rabbit? Also, Can I put the rabbit on the ground in a dog run or will it dig out? I'm Completely new to rabbits so any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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    If you plan to breed a pedigree is going to be helpful to know what is "behind" your rabbit. It can be helpful to choose who you are going to pair your bunny with so that you can find another rabbit that will compliment colors and weights in each of their breeding histories.

    It can also make it easier to sell the rabbit if you ever decide for whatever reason you cant keep it. If you dont get the pedigree now chances are most breeders terminate the rights to ever getting one so in the future. If you ever happen to need to sell the bunny you would be looking for a pet home. With a pedigree other people that show and breed may be interested and depending how much you pay either way it is usually easier to get your full buying price back with the pedigree.

    But having said all that pedigrees arent required for anything and if its just a pet there is no real reason you need a pedigree.
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    As a breeder, I think it's ridiculous and unethical to charge more for papers. All of my rabbits go with their pedigree-even the one I gave to my friend as a pet. A pedigree costs the breeder NOTHING, and lacking a pedigree does nothing to prevent the new owner from showing or breeding.

    If you DO plan to show or breed, I do recommend getting the pedigree, otherwise you'll probably never need it. But I'd be leery of dealing with someone charging extra for papers.

    As far as care, seems to be a reasonable place to start. I also like the Storey's Guide to Raising Rabbits, I think it was? But yes, rabbits+dirt=digging, and a possible escape.
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    Thanks so I don't need a pedigree if its just a pet but it would be useful is I sell it or show it. O.K. and thanks for the link

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    Quote:Just came across this old post.

    "As a breeder" I completely disagree with your assumptions and especially with your warning to "be leery of dealing with someone charging extra for papers."

    I don't give a hoot about your practices, but all the experienced, ethical and well-known breeders of pedigree rabbits that I know do not provide papers for rabbits they sell at meat processing or house-hold pet prices.

    I'll sell a rabbit for $8 or $10 to someone that wants a pet rabbit or maybe to keep a few breeders to fill their freezer, or even give some away to friends. But if someone wants to benefit from and capitalize on the work that went into the breeding program that produced that rabbit, that person will pay a reasonable price. That was my practice back in the 70's and 80's when I raised out my own line of New Zealand Whites and it will be my policy now. It is also the practice, as I've said, of all reputable breeders that I know.

    I could say all my bunnies are a minimum of $25 bucks, papers included, but how does that serve people that simply want an inexpensive pet for their family? They don't need the papers and if they are simply trying to get rabbits on the cheap to sell the offspring as pedigreed, they can pay me a a fair price. I paid a fair price to the breeders I bought from out of the respect they deserve.

    I am completely satisfied with my own ethical standards, but if it makes people like you happy, rather than charge extra, I could say I'll discount the price for no papers. ....No, never mind. I won't do that. There is absolutely no ethical issue here except one you imagine.

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    Then again, I very rarely sell pets. Obviously animals going to the meat processor don't go with papers-what's the point?

    Also note I never said there's anything wrong with selling a rabbit without papers. There isn't. I PREFER to send my pets home with pedigrees because many pet owners like having one, and all it costs me is a sheet of paper about maybe 2 cents worth of ink. But certainly, no one has to.

    What bothers me, and bothers me in all species, is when someone says "Here's this rabbit. You like that one, huh? Ten bucks. If you want the pedigree, it's $50." It's the same animal, going to the same person. Why charge them so much for a piece of paper?

    I know plenty of experienced, ethical, and well-known breeders over here in California. I don't personally know of anyone who charges extra for pedigrees. Obviously there's a difference in price between show and pet animals.

    I want to say again: Selling an animal without a pedigree will not stop a person from showing or breeding it. Someone can pay your $8 for a pet and turn around and take that rabbit to Convention-the lack of a pedigree doesn't stop them. Someone can breed that rabbit and either falsify a pedigree (obviously wrong and unethical) or simply leave that rabbit's bloodline's blank. They can still capitalize on your good name by giving that rabbit your prefix, though.

    Demanding more for an animal's papers is actually punishable in other clubs, and it just leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth-whoever you sell the rabbit to is going to do with it as they will. If it's a decent animal, sell it for what it's worth and send it with a pedigree. If it's not, sell it as a pet or for meat, sans pedigree if you prefer.
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    Ok let me throw this at you .
    If you sell a rabbit into a pet situation, someone comes in thinking its a show quality rabbit, talks the owner out of the rabbit, (money talks BS walks,)
    the second person contacts you for a pedigree. what do you do?
    willingly hand it over, deny the pedigree or charge them show price for the Pedigree?
    I have had calls like this and it galls the snot out of me.
    Pay the price of a show quality rabbit and get the pedigree, dont slime another person and then demand a pedigree for a 10.00 rabbit. thats just wrong.

    I f I ever find a rabbit on the show table with a false pedigree with my name on it you can bet your backside I am going to file a complaint, especially if it was sold as a pet with out pedigree.

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    My pet bunnies never go home with a pedigree. They are being sold as pets for a reason (usually not up to my standards as a breed or show rabbit).
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    Good debate but Please be nice. [​IMG]

  10. I am totally behind Rabbitmage on this and I agree with her (?) 100%...

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