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    ATTN: We actually found a place closer to us that sells organic grower and layer for a cheaper price so that means you'll actually be paying less for the delivery and bags of feed. Think of it as a feed car pool:).

    I know here in southern Indiana (TRAFALGAR) it is impossible to find CERTIFIED Organic feed.

    We were thinking other people are having this problem also. We decided to ask others if they would want us to pick feed up for them and only charge a small delivery charge to bring it back to our home where people can come and pick it up here.

    We're thinking that you can only buy a min. of 2 bags. We will not charge anything extra for the feed bags only the tax.

    We are just feeling sick about the cost of gas...and I don't even want to know how much it is to ship.

    We're not looking to make money, we're just trying to help others save money as well as ourselves.

    If anyone is interested feel free to post or send PM.

    We can only do about 25 to 50 bags once a month.

    If more people are interested I will post more information and I will have the feed company send me more information so I can post it here.

    Thanks so much!
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