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This should encourage parents and kids to wear a helmet. My 10 year old grandson was on the back of a 4 wheeler with a friend out "mudding" and the driver lost control and the 4 wheeler rolled several times. While the kids where on it. The older boy did his best to protect my grandson by pushing the 4 wheeler away from him every time it rolled over on them. While the older boy did escape injury, my grandson didn't but it could have been worse. It was a full size ATV. My grandson was scalped. He didn't have any broken bones, cuts, scratches, internal injuries or brain injury, not even a concussion. But what he did get is bad enough. The skin that was ripped was pushed back under his scalp and the whole side of his head, the scalp was torn loose but not ripped away. Mud and dirt was packed under it. The weather was too bad for Air Evac to get him so they had to wait for an ambulance. It was a long way to where he was and then back to the hospital. When he got to the first hospital they did nothing to clean out the wound. They took xrays and a couple CT scans of his head and neck. Put a collar on him to stabilize his neck. That doc sent him to Lebohneur Childrens Hospital in Memphis but because of the weather they couldn't go get him with the helicopter so they had to get him with an ambulance. The accident happened around 4:40 on monday afternoon and by the time the ambulance got him it was after 10 pm. Already 6 hours after the accident. It's over a 2 hour drive to Memphis but they shaved nearly anhour off of that by driving very fast. He arrived around 11:30. It was 2 am before he was cleaned up and sewn up. It took 2 hours to sew his skin flap back on.

Now by this time he was about 12 hours after the accident with mud and dirt up under his scalp. The doc informed us that there is a 6 hour "safe" time where the possibility of infection and the possibility of the skin flap will take. He was way past that so the doc let us know what is likely to happen. That is that he will get an infection and it's a possibility the skin won't heal back. Which means skin graphs and alot of pain from infection. He started him on 2 high dosage antibiotics that can cause renal failure. So they have been monitoring his water intake and output. Yesterday they did a flush and pushed fluids in him because he wasn't drinking enough so not enough going back out to keep the kidneys working. And they gave him an IV for fluids.
He's been sleeping alot but has no fever as of yet but is swelling where the doc said fluid will build up. With prayers and luck it won't get infected. If it does we're hoping the head start on antibiotics will kill the infection before it gets too bad. If it don't he will have to have skin graphs.

On top of all that worry, we had 3 Tornado's here at once yesterday. My daughter got a pic of them and one is below. So we found a place on the 1st floor that was a safe place with no windows and no glass, a hallway on the other side of the building from the tornado's. We had a plan to protect him from any more injuries and getting his head wet. The tornado's missed the hospital but one did hit West Memphis. We're downtown. Only one of the tornado's touched down the other 2 didn't.

We will find out more today when the doc comes in which should be soon. The first pic is graphic.

I guess they blocked the first pic. It was of the missing scalp showing his skull. Pretty gross so I guess somebody thought it shouldn't be shown.


By emvickrey at 2011-05-26

By emvickrey at 2011-05-26

By emvickrey at 2011-05-26

This was yesterday after the bandage change

By emvickrey at 2011-05-26

Updated pic shows the increased swelling. Today's pic 5/26/2011

By emvickrey at 2011-05-26
Today's pic 5/27/2011

By emvickrey at 2011-05-27
After his shower 5/28/2011

By emvickrey at 2011-05-29
The spot the hose was at. Thats not infection. It's the beginning of a scab that was kept damp from the draining fluid.

By emvickrey at 2011-05-29

Going home pics

By emvickrey at 2011-05-30

By emvickrey at 2011-05-30


By emvickrey at 2011-05-26This is one of the tornado's
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Wow! Was he BLESSED that it wasn't worse. But the poor little guy! That's aweful. Praying he recovers quickly. I rode ambulance for 5 years and those accidents are best survived with a helmet, for sure!
Praise the Lord they are both OK!
I am so sorry that your grandson had to go through this,. and you and his parents too,.. it must have been agonizing waiting all that time. I pray that he recovers well and quickly.
You're right,..helmet WOULD have prevented this

As an x-ray tech for over 20 yrs..I have x-rayed hundreds of people,. the majority of them children,.. from ATV accidents ,..many of them far worse,. and some didn't make it,.. mostly lots of broken bones and road rash with lots of pain and suffering,.. only motercycles are worse.

That was one hard lesson to learn for your grandson!

Keep us updated on his recovery!
I am a professional photographer for the largest atv website on the net, cover national atv racing, shoot for every major manufacture of atv's and just about every atv magazine out there.....I have used your story to try and get more folks to use the helmet no matter what. When the boy heals up, please contact me on here and I will try and run a story on him and his recovery. Please know that he will be recieving a ton of prayers from our community!
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Oh the poor little guy! Thanking the Lord that they weren't killed, and praying for a complete and speedy recovery! (((hugs)))
Golllllly! Holy Cow! Poor kid! I hope he recovers quickly and no ill effects afterwards. I bet it scared the beejesus out of everyone that from this day forward, they would wear helmets.


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