Auburn WA chicken rules?


8 Years
May 26, 2011
I've trying to figure out how many, if any, chickens I can have in Auburn, Wa. The city muni code itself doesn't seem to specify for livestock/fowl. Does that mean it falls under the county code? Can anyone in Auburn who has chickens share the rules? We're looking at buying a house that's on 4.77 acres, but is zone R5 (5 dwellings per acre).

Thanks from a pre-owner!


Keeping of livestock (excluding goats and swine), fowl and rabbits; provided, that there shall not be more than one horse, cow, donkey or other large animal, or four small animals such as sheep, or 12 poultry, rabbits, or similar size animals per each acre of enclosed usable pasture or roaming area. This acreage requirement is in addition to the minimum lot size requirements of the zone5

I say it looks like you are in business......
I am moving to Auburn in the next week, from San Diego, and I had my fingers crossed that I could keep my girls! We have 3 chickens. Good to know, thanks!!
Let me know when you get up here! I'm just up the road from you near Enumclaw
We arrived all intact! Not sure if my girls are going to get us in trouble though...pesky HOA's...hehe Oh well.

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