AUCTION~ 10 Muscovy Duck Eggs- ALL COLORS! Ends 2-6-12 at 6pm PST


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Mar 25, 2010
Eatonville, Washington
Up for auction are 10 Muscovy duck eggs. I have beautiful Muscovys and they are the only breed of duck I have on the property so no mules. I have chocolates, blues, beige, browns, slate, grey and a few almost lavender/tan and whites. All are penned together and laying now. No telling what color you might get. Most of my birds are chocolates. These are quality birds and are not cross breeds from the auction. You will receive 10 eggs ready to set. I do not wast the eggs but they are not full of mud. You do with them what you want. I have 13 hens and 5 drakes. Winner pays 15.00 s&h and I ship in polyfoam egg shippers for safety and insulation. I can not garentee you hatch due to usps and how they treat the eggs. Please pay with paypal to [email protected] as soon as auction is over. The auction ends Monday night at 6pm PST-Washington state-I am NPIP-AI tested and still waiting on the info from the USDA. I was tested on Dec. 30 and passed clean.
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Aug 18, 2009
n. california
will you be having auctions through spring? I am waiting on one of my girls to go broody so I can hatch some ducks the ol' fashioned way

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