AUCTION ( ')> 10 Rumpless - Tufted - LF Araucana Eggs <(' )


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Jan 27, 2011
South Carolina
Bidding starts at $10.00 and increases in increments of $1.00 Shipping is $15.00 If you are interested, please place your bid in the reply section.
Thank you for looking at my auction!
My pens have gorgeous rumpless & tufted roosters, the hens are all rumpless, some have tufts. These are Large Fowl (standard) not Bantams.
Action ends Saturday June 2nd at 8pm EST. Payment due immediately after the auction ends. They will ship Monday June 4th
Araucanas are beautiful, rumpless, tufted, breed of chicken that has ear tufts, no tail (rump-less), and lays a blue egg. If you are not familiar with this breed please research them before you buy.
Buying hatching eggs is a gamble and Araucana eggs have their own hatching difficulties. Please only buy if you can afford to take the risk and possibility that none will hatch. Araucanas have a lower fertility rate then many other breeds, they don’t breed true to the APA standards so I cannot guarantee color of eggs or color of chicks or that they will all be tufted or rumpless and it is possible you will get some with stray tail feathers or even tails. If after all of this you would still love the challenges of this beautiful breed and the blue eggs like I do, please bid and have the chance of owning some truly beautiful birds.
I pack as safe and secure as possible but I cannot guarantee that they will survive any shipping mishaps or be responsible for shipping / handling or incubation conditions so I cannot guarantee that ANY will hatch, although I always send extras to help give you a better chance of hatching some chicks. I guarantee you will receive 10 unbroken eggs. I include extras, but if you have less then 10 unbroken eggs please let me know.
Please do not leave eggs sitting in a mailbox that could overheat or freeze.
I only ship eggs to lower 47 states (sorry not to Virginia), no international shipping
I don't have "robin blue" eggs. They are not olive either. They fall some where in between. Some are darker, some are lighter, some are bluer, some are more turquoise. On my computer the uploaded picture is pretty true to color. On my husbands across the room the color is much more vibrant then they really are. I don't think the picture will be true to color since everybody’s monitor is set differently.





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