AUCTION 10+ Wheaten / Blue Wheaten Ameraucana Eggs


8 Years
Jan 27, 2011
South Carolina
This listing is for 10+ Eggs from my Wheaten / Blue Wheaten Ameraucanas.
Auction ends Sunday June 10th at 8pm EST Payment due immediately after auction end so they can ship Monday June 11th. Shipping is $15.00
If you are interested, please place your bid in the reply section.
Thank you for looking at my auction!



Buying hatching eggs is a gamble. Please only bid if you can afford to take the risk and possibility that none will hatch.
I pack as safe and secure as possible but I cannot guarantee that they will survive any shipping mishaps or be responsible for shipping / handling or incubation conditions so I cannot guarantee that ANY will hatch, although I always send extras to help give you a better chance of hatching some chicks.
I guarantee you will receive 10 unbroken eggs. I include extras, but if you have less then 10 unbroken eggs please let me know. Do not leave eggs sitting in a mailbox that could overheat or freeze.
Because eggs are time sensitive, please pay immediately after the auction ends.
I do accept PayPal at [email protected]
If you pay with an E Check they usually take 3-4 business days to clear. I am happy to accept USPS postal money orders, please let me know and I will send you my address.
I only ship eggs to lower 48 states, no international shipping
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I love my little wheatens I hatched from you. They are so friendly. First chicks I have ever had that like to go to sleep in my hand.

Here is a little pic of them enjoying some grass clumps in their brooder with some friends. I believe I have a blue wheaten cockerel in the bunch. I love how they are coloring in!
Thank you for sharing that picture! I love my Wheaties they are so friendly! They love to come see what goodies I have for them. Sometimes they watch me as much as I watch them.
Now that we have back up power, I can start replacing all the eggs I had set when we lost power. DS is up on the roof doing repairs from the storm. Lucky me, he works for home cooking.
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We lost about seventy eggs total. Looked like the ones in lockdown made it but only 3 made it, the rest didn't totally absorb before hatching. So now we begin again. Oddly the ducks (wild and mixes from the zoo/park) seem not to have been affected at all. Never done ducks before, maybe they are sturdier.

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