AUCTION 12+ AustraWhite Hatching Eggs Ends Monday, March 4 @ 5:00 PM

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    These are really a great egg production chicken. These birds are a cross between a Black Australorp and a White Leghorn. They lay a medium to large size creamy beige egg. They are a beautiful white chicken and some have black spots. My girls have laid everyday since the first of January.
    You will get 12 eggs plus any extras at the time of shipping.

    My hatch rate here is right at 95%.

    Due to shipping and/ or incubation methods, I cannot guarantee hatchability. I can only send you the freshest eggs from a healthy flock. They will be packed with care and extras sent to compensate in case of damage through the postal service.

    Shipping is $15.00. Sorry, I cannot ship to Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico.
    Payment via PayPal to avoid delays in shipping. Thanks for looking.
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