AUCTION - 12 Bantam Cochin Eggs

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    This is an AUCTION for 12 Bantam Cochin Eggs

    Biding starts at $20.00 with increments of $1.00 or more.

    Priority USPS shipping and tracking is $15.00.

    Auction ends Sunday 4/22/2012 at 8pm EST.

    12 Bantam Cochin Hatching Eggs. Our Mille Fleur Rooster (picture above) was purchased directly from MSBear (here on BYC). Three hens (pictures above) are Black Mottled, Mille Fleur, and Brown. We will try to include some extras in your order, whatever the girls lay.

    The only reason we are selling this dozen is because our incubators are full. We'll be hatching most of these eggs for our own use.... so get them while you have the opportunity!!

    We can't guarantee your hatch rate, as there are too many variables with shipping and hatching techniques.

    Payment is by PayPal. No E-Checks! Please send payment to [email protected] immediately after the auction. I will ship the 12 Bantam Cochin Eggs on Monday or Tuesday (or another day at buyer's request). They will be boxed and bubble wrapped with great care.

    **NPIP 51-516**

    Thanks so much for looking! [​IMG]
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