Auction 12++ Bantam welsummers


16 Years
Mar 5, 2007
This auction is for 12++ Bantam welsummer eggs that will be shipped out Monday

This Auction will end Sunday the 15th at 5pm eastern time.

I Have both German and Dutch lines and crosses between the 2. They are all running together.

Make bids in .50 increments

Pay-pal only! to [email protected]

Due to things beyond my control I can not Garuantee your hatch.

Forgot to add shipping is 13.00
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Ok, I'll admit to being greedy, and will happily bid on these, too! :)

It helps to read - I bid $20 on these. :) Thank you!!
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Ok here is pic with my Bantam welsummer and Bantam Marans eggs. The lighter ones with speckels are welsummer

your picture didn't come through.

I will throw out there that I have 16 of these eggs right now and I was very impressed with their size for bantam eggs! :)
I will take pics of the ones in my 'bator. I would say a medium brown with some darker speckling, a lot like I used to see with my LF Wellies. I wouldn't be surprised if the eggs get darker based on were they are in the current cycle.

I'll also say I don't mind at ALL if you don't bid against me

Left, orpington bantam egg, middle-German Welsummer bantam egg, right-Dutch Welsummer bantam egg

They are good sized for a bantam egg. However they don't lay as well as their LF cousins. I think Gamesbirds' Wellies lay a bit darker than mine which mine are the original breeder's birds.

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