AUCTION 12+ BLRW Blue Laced Red Wyandotte hatching eggs

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    *****please note! Auction is closed due to family urgent situation! If anyone was planning to buy, please PM me and I will arrange to ship you eggs at the listed price as soon as able (within 1 week)****
    Here for your consideration are 12+ hatching eggs from my flock of Blue Laced Red Wyandottes. These birds have been drawn from several lines and are of great temperament and nice lacing. My flock includes 1 black-laced Roo, 1 blue laced Roo, and a mix of 8 Blue, Black, and Splash laced hens. I am having 100% fertility and 90% hatch rates at this time--with the number of eggs they are laying, that is resulting in a whole lot of chicks around here!

    This auction will end at noon on Tuesday, April 10th and ship the same day if payment is received promptly, My paypal address is [email protected]. Please include $15 for Priority shipping with delivery confirmation. All eggs are wrapped with care and extras are always included. Cannot guarantee hatch rates, of course, due to post office handling, naughty incubators, and general nods to Murphy's law!

    Auction begins at $10 and will go by $1 or more increments until ending time. Post bids as replies on this thread rather than PM, and please subscribe to this thread to avoid being outbid. Thanks for looking!
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