Auction 12-Gold Laced Brahma Eggs-Dan Powells line-NPIP 91-150-ENDS 3-7 at 12pm


9 Years
Mar 25, 2010
Eatonville, Washington
This is an auction and will end at noon Wednesday the 7th PST so I can mail after payment. I NEED PAYMENT BY 12:15 PM Wedneday. Starting at 40.00

12 Gold Laced Brahma hatching eggs from Dan Powells line. Beautiful birds and great layers. Good in cold climates too. This is a short auction because I have extras this week. Please bid in reply to post. I ship in polyfoam eggs shippers and winner pays s&h of 16.00 I may send extras of who knows? Buff Laced,Coronation Sussex? or what ever?

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