AUCTION: 12+ LF Lavender Ameraucana Hatching Eggs


13 Years
Dec 2, 2007
Williston, FL
Going to try an AUCTION! We'll start at $25, and shipping is included. Please post to bid. Auction will end Saturday 4/7 at 8 PM Eastern Time and eggs will ship Monday (or later if you prefer).

The ladies are laying and my bator is full! The flock consists all lavender birds now, so no splits! Lavender is not yet a recognized variety of Ameraucana and are still in the project stage. The birds are still rather fluffy and the egg color is variable.

As per usual with hatching eggs, I cannot be responsible for the actions of the postal service once the box leaves my hands, and cannot guarantee hatching success. I can guarantee that the eggs will be fresh, fertile, individually wrapped, and will be sent well padded in a styrofoam-insulated double box.

The attached egg pic shows the color I'm getting, outdoors in natural light, overcast, no flash.

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