AUCTION: 12+ Silkied BBS Ameraucana Hatching Eggs

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    Up for auction, 12+ hatching eggs from my BBS silkied Ameraucanas. These are pure Ameraucanas, not Silkie crosses. My current flock consists of a blue silked rooster over blue hens. Some of the hens are silkied and some are splits, so you will hatch some splits from these eggs and the chicks can be blue, black, or splash. Egg color on these still needs work and is pretty variable, from clear blue to shades of green.

    Shipping will be $15 for Priority. The eggs will be bubble wrapped and shipped in a styrofoam insulated double box. The eggs I ship are fresh with a good hatch rate for me here, but I cannot guarantee hatch rates for any eggs shipped due to handling during transit or incubation technique.

    This auction will run until 9pm eastern on Tuesday 2/12 and eggs will ship Wednesday 2/13.
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