Auction: 15+ Blue, Black, Splash, White silkies hatching eggs & Possibly a few Partridge

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    This is an Auction. Listing starts at $23.50 and bid increments are minimum of $.50. List begins at 2/18 at 8:00 AM EST and will end 2/19 at 9:00 pm EST. Please reply to this auction to bid. 15+ means 15 eggs and more if available, but no guarantee. All breeders have correct 5 toes, vaulted and crested, appropriate feathering. No guarantee that offspring will be the same, but of course gene pool is excellent. We have stock from Mbrobbins who has won multiple awards as well as others including Aimee Crego, Sunshine Silkies and CJ's Silkies. Shipping the way we ship in a NON flat rate box is $17.00. The link in the last section describes how we ship. please realize that no matter how well we pack, we do not guarantee hatches once they leave us as there are factors such as postal service and incubators beyond our control. No matter how carefully we ship, we are not responsible for what happens once we deliver boxes to the post office, either to postal handling or incubation techniques and do not replace eggs. Egg boxes are marked Fragile, if you want marked otherwise please put in your paypal notes. Expected ship: wk of 2/20. If you are the highest bidder at 9:30 est, please paypal (no e checks) to: [email protected]

    The Garry farm is enchanted by characteristics of the silkies - naturally inquisitive, very friendly and responsive to both voice and sounds! I love to just sit with them and feed them treats. They really respond to affection and are a fun pet for persons of all ages.They are the epitome of the "pet Chicken" and love to be held and petted and even rocked. After loving them, I can surely see why emperors treasured them as pets and had the cooks prepare special treats for them. When our girls go broody, the rooster will go and sit on the eggs while the mother hen takes her exercise and food and water, it's so specially of the roos.....Even our little ones have mothering abilities, please see the pic of the little silkie who raised out some of our lavendar ameraucanas. so sweet!!!!!!!!!!!

    More information about our full time farm and our philosophy is available at our website
    how we ship:
    or facebook The Garry Farm Happy & Blessed Bidding!
    We farm full time so please give us some time to answer your questions.
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    I would like to bid $23.50. Thank you for explaining, as this is my first BYC auction. :)
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    Sold! Thank you so much, I can't wait for hatch! :)

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