AUCTION- 4 Buff Laced Brahmas, 4 Gold Laced Brahmas,4 Coronation & 4 Silver sussex eggs


9 Years
Mar 25, 2010
Eatonville, Washington
OK, These ship tomorrow so this auction ends at 10 am PST on Wednesday the 29th. MUST pay no later than 10:30 am pst.on Wednesday. TOMORROW!

Up for auction are fresh laid Tuesday and Wednesday- Eggs~4 Buff Laced Brahma and 4 Gold Laced Brahma eggs from Dan Powells line. and 4 Coronation and 4 Silver Sussex from GreenFire Farm. Start bid 50.00 Winner pays s&h of 16.00 priority. This is a short auction because its last minute and no more room in the bator and dont want to start up the other bator. I ALWAYS send extras!

UPDATE~I just dropped the silver sussex eggs-Go figure. If I do not collect 4 silvers tomorrow morning to ship then I can ship Monday and collect through the weekend or collect any silver sussex eggs and then add some brahma to make up difference. You tell me. (im pretty sure I will get enough silvers to ship today)
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