AUCTION: 6 Bantam Naked Neck Hatching eggs frizzle and straight feathered Ends on 11/25


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Apr 25, 2011
This auction is for 6 bantam sized naked neck hatching eggs. The rooster is a cuckoo color full stock turken and the hens are not full stock turkens only breeding these together to be naked neck chicks of bantam size with clean yellow legs and a straight comb. Color chicks I have been hatching so far is blue mottled and black mottled straight and frizzle feathered.

Auction ends on Nov. 25th at 8PM CST, Shipping cost priority mail is $15 anywhere in the USA I only accept instant paypal payments so I can ship the eggs out asap after auction ends.
Bidding starts at $6.00 with $1.00 increments


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Mar 28, 2011
Fort Smith, Arkansas
Ordered these eggs, hoping for frizzled naked neck bantams.

Seller didn't seem very interested in answering my questions; I should have insisted that she send proper photos and explain why the regular feathered hen I did receive a photo of (after asking for photos of frizzled parents) looked ill. Communication was never a priority for japbantams2011, my payment was.

Eggs arrived in unhatchable condition, with 87% broken air cells, after being shipped to the wrong address, 30 miles away. This was certainly also my fault, as I wasn't aware the wrong address was listed on my Paypal account, and should have sent the correct delivery address independently, as well.

$15 "flat rate" shipping was charged for the following: Eggs were packed in a teeny tiny (maybe 8"x8") box, with their shells resting directly on the bottom of the thing. Bubble wrap was used around their middles, but not their ends. There was no insulation under the eggs at all, just the bottom of the box. Newspaper was piled on top. "EGGS" was scrawled all over the box.

None of the above conditions might have contributed as much to the unhatchable state of the eggs upon arrival, had the eggs been from healthy birds in the first place. I have never seen such porous eggs upon candling. I can't believe the shells were not cracked, given their delicate state. After four days in the incubator, and no sign of development, I went ahead and gave up on them. I have never seen such pale yellow yolks from any eggs except commercial, battery farmed, store-bought eggs, which I haven't bought in years. Granted, did not verify the living conditions of the parent stock. I will not make the same mistake of assuming everyone on BYC cares for all their birds well, again.

I have been described as a "bad buyer" because I was not pleased with the low quality, botched shipping, minimal packaging, and complete unusability of these eggs. This "bad buyer" promptly sent full payment for these eggs several days before their shipment date, immediately upon price agreement. This "bad buyer" made the mistake of trusting a seller care about an order after payment was collected. No offer of resolution was made until I pressed the seller, explicitly iterating my complete dismay. Finally, I received some unpuncuated, inarticulate excuses about packaging, and empty assurances about parent health, along with a grudging offer of more porous eggs (as long as I paid $15 for the same packaging, again).

I am a relatively new BYC member. I have shipped and received several orders of hatching eggs via Ebay, and have never had such problems. I am very grateful to other BYC members who have discussed this matter with me and with whom I made sure I was fully aware of general standards when buying and selling eggs on BYC. I made sure I wasn't being unreasonable or nit-picky before taking any action.

I really wish I had thought to document this ordeal with photos, it was just that ridiculous.
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