AUCTION 6 Japanese bantam hatching eggs Frizzle & Straight feathered NO RESERVE! Ends 9/29

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    Apr 25, 2011
    This auction is for 6 Japanese bantam hatching eggs:

    In one breeding pen I have blue mottled, black mottled, and 1 splash. Also 1 black mottled and 1 silver blue frizzle japanese hens with these the chicks you will hatch from this group should be more black mottled, blue mottled, splash, maybe a few silver blue and solid blue or black.

    In the other pen is straight feathered splash japanese I looked up genetics and it said that splash x splash you should hatch 100% splash chicks.
    Some of these are almost white with a few blue splash marks and others are blue splash.

    Eggs will come from both of those pens for the freshiest eggs.

    Auction starts at $1.00 ends on 9/29 at 9:00pm cst and shipping is $15.00 anywhere in the USA with a delivery conformation
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