Auction - 6+ Weeks Old Columbian Silkie Rooster Pick up or Ship with heat pack NPIP -TN


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Dec 17, 2011
$25.00 Starts the Bidding - Here is a 6+ week old Columbian silkie, My Rooster to this breeding pen is from Birds & Eggs. I all ready have a great ( his Daddy in Pic's ) Columbian Rooster so here he his.

I do have 2 other chicks for sale - Not sure on there colors, The Black one has silver tips & the Red has Columbian or Partridge marking to, they are from this Columbian hatch. Prices are Noted on there Pic's can include them with the Columbian @ no extra to ship.

Again You are Bidding on The Columbian Rooster Only. This listing will end at Noon CST on Monday Nov. 26th, Payment is needed asap as I would like to Have him in the mail Monday afternoon. I will include a warm / Heat pack with him.

Please email me your zip code for a true shipping cost.

I can only run 1 listing at a Time, if interested in the other 2 or just 1 of them PM me, If they do not go with the Columbian I can let you know.

If your state needs more then NPIP, I will not ship.
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