Auction 8+ Rare Iowa Blue Eggs

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    This is an auction. Starting bid is $10.00 plus $14.00 shipping. Bid increments will be at least $0.50. Auction closes at 4:00 pm CST Friday February 3, 2012.

    Up for auction are 8+ Iowa Blue Eggs. I am part of a group trying to breed these magnificent birds back to what they once looked like. We are breeding towards a proposed standard. Hopefully in the next few years we have a qualifying show.
    Iowa Blues are a dual purpose breed that are great for free ranging. The roosters take good care of their girls. My rooster has been very calm while the hens are a little more standoffish. They are getting better with the introduction of treats. I have one rooster in with 6 hens and 2 unrelated pullets.

    Fertility has been great. I guarantee fresh & fertile eggs. However, I cannot guarantee hatch-ability due to many variables out of my control after the eggs leave my hands, such as shipping & handling, incubation equipment, and incubation methods. I always pack extremely well and try to include extras. Payment is by Pay Pal only within 12 hours of the end of the auction. No e-checks please.
    PayPal [email protected]

    These eggs will ship Saturday February 4 2012. You can let me know which date you prefer. If this date doesn't work for you, you may still bid and if you win, just let me know when you would like the eggs sent. Payment is still due within 12 hours of the end of the auction.

    I am not NPIP yet. Please know the regulations for importation of eggs into your state.

    Good Luck and Happy Bidding

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