~Auction~8+ Show Quality Silver Phoenix Hatching Eggs-NPIP!!


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Up for auction are +8 Show Quality Silver Phoenix (standard size) hatching eggs. Extras will be sent if available which they normally are. We only ship out eggs on Mondays and Tuesdays following the auction so they do not sit over weekend in shipping. AUCTION CLOSES ON MONDAY AT 7:00 P.M. EASTERN TME. You can bid by simply posting a reply which bids are in 50 cent increments.

All of my birds on our farm are NPIP Certified and have great show quality lines. The roosters have a stunning look to them with their mixed colors and long black tail feathers. Although the roosters have a gamey look to them these birds are very docile. The hens lay very frequently laying a smaller white cream colored egg. The hens have a unique look to them with their blue legs and gamey like color pattern. ALL of my eggs up for auction are placed outside and incubator in an egg turner constantly rotating six times a day. For more information about our chickens please visit diversifiedshowbirds.com.

Shipping is $15 USPS Priority. These eggs will be shipped in an 18 egg carton packed with sawdust them taped very tightly, then the box will get completely packed with sawdust and taped shut. We only accept online PayPal transactions which can be sent to [email protected].
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