*Auction* 90-100 Brand New Egg Cartons

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    BRAND NEW egg cartons for sale!
    They state there are 100, but I've had anywhere between 90 on up to 100+, not sure if the guy who counted these got lazy or not, but I am just giving you a head's up!

    I raised really nice chickens a long time ago and have since stopped selling eggs, so am now just selling off excess stuff!

    They say they hold mediums, but I have had large eggs to bantam eggs, things like duck or turkey eggs may not work, however.

    Since they are brand new, you have no worries on cross contamination! :) And you'll be helping out a fellow BYCer!

    Payment will be made by PayPal, Postal Money Order, Concealed Cash (I have a long record of being on BYC and am very trustworthy!) and I will take Personal Checks as long as it clears first before shipment!

    I am asking $37.50 per pack of 100 egg cartons and can ship anywhere in the USA (maybe even out of the states, just PM me for shipping quotes!)
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