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Sep 26, 2010
South Georgia
You are bidding on a fully self contained PVC automatic poultry feeder and watering system combination offered exclusively by Ewe Crazy Farms. The watering system is made from 4" PVC and has 2 automatic watering cups which your birds will learn to use very quickly. The rough dimensions are 42" tall by 24" deep and will hold approximately 3.5 gallons of water. Here are the major advantages that we have found from using this system:
  • The vertical portion of this system is typically outside the enclosure so you can fill without having to enter the pen
  • No more MESSY fugus or algae because this system does not allow light to penetrate
  • Virtually unlimited FRESH water for your birds with no pressure regulator required
  • The cap is vented for smooth water flow and comes with a retainer chain for convenience
  • Watering cups remove with a 1/2 twist for cleaning and sanitizing
  • No Drips
  • No birds roosting on your waterer and making messes in the drinking reservoir
  • Did I mention no more messy fungus like you have with the commercial waterers?

The feeder has the same rough dimensions as the waterer and holds approximately 15 lbs of feed. It has three 2" holes to allow multiple birds to feed at one time. Through trial and error, we determined that the 45 degree elbow works a bit better than the 90 by increasing the angle to allow a more free flow of feed, but we can also build with a 90 degree elbow upon request. We have literally cut our feed bill by 1/3 from the decrease in waste alone. The birds typically scratched around in the commercial feeders and spilled the feed all over the ground. Filling the feeder and waterer from outside the pen has been a great time saver and is so much easier than the commercial alternatives.

This is the easiest and most trouble free system that we have ever used. We can now go out of town for a couple of days and not worry about our birds having fresh food and water. We can also build other configurations such as the "T" system that you see in the pictures. Custom units are available on request and we will also consider selling the waterer and feeder seperately. Both units are shipped in 2 pieces so you will have to use PVC glue to connect the lower horizontal piece to the elbow that holds the vertical tube.

You will not be sorry for purchasing this system if your goal is to have a hassle free and sanitary environment for your birds.
Regular ground shipping is $18 for the combo and $12 for a single.
Please bid in 1 dollar increments. Thank you for looking and bid with confidence

This is an Auction formatted listing - DO NOT PM to bid- Place your bid as a reply. Make sure to keep checking back to up your bid as needed.Don't forget to subscribe to this listing so you do not get outbid. The starting bid is 74$ for the waterer and feeder combination. If you are interested in just the waterer or feeder separately PM me for pricing and shipping of the individual item.

This Auction will end at 10:00 PM EST on January 24th
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