Auction Bantam Frizzle polish and smooth polish


10 Years
Apr 2, 2009
Broken Bow, Oklahoma
Please bid by posting price as comment on auction page thanks

~~Auction for 18 eggs I can sell them anyway you want them all one kind or the other or mixed. (Bantams) I have a White frizzle polish roo over white crested black/blue Bantam Frizzle Polish eggs these girls sometimes throw a splash. (Bantams) I also have Buff laced bantam polish they will not be frizzle ( I don't think ) but they carry the frizzle gene 3 frizzle roosters were killed by a sly fox last week hopefully will be hatching a new roo next week so its a long time coming on the buff frizzle but they are cute smooth also Friday May [email protected] 3:00 pm central standard time would love to get them in the mail Mon or Tue morning first thing so the sooner i get paypal the faster i can mail them (note these are not small bantams) I ship using bubble wrap for safety and insulation. In the Buff laced pen i have a smooth buff laced roo over smooth hens that all have the (frizzle gene) And in the White Crested Black I have A White frizzle roo over white crested black and white crested blue smooth hens one of the girls is a blue crested that is bearded. I have hatched some of these out and fertility is great. They will ship(after verifying pay pal pmt) through USPS priority. Please pay pal as soon as possible eggs are time sensitive [email protected] Winner pays $14.95 shipping. I'm sure I will get more than 18 if the girls keep up like they have been but no guarantee. Due to things beyond my control there is no guarantee on your hatch. I will do all I can on my end to make sure your eggs get to you safe and sound.
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