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  1. Beth G.

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    I have decided to let this cute little girl go. She has been kept inside on pine shavings so her foot feathering is in good condition along with the rest of her. She would make a nice addition to just about any Show Stock. She's been dewormed, and will be free of lice and mites when shipped. I will not be bathing her this time of year in fear she will catch a cold hope you all understand [​IMG] Also, she just started lay eggs two weeks ago.

    She was tested negative for Salmonella Pullorum and is Avian Influenza Clean H5/H7 by the State of CT. Her test was done on March 2, 2012. I am also NPIP Certified along with my State of CT Poultry Dealers license. She is roughly 7 months old and if you have any questions on her please PM me. Otherwise please bid in $1.00 increments here in the forum.

    Buyer will be responsible for shipping costs in addition to the price of the pullet. I've shipped alot of different places and it usually doesn't exceed $48.00. I will give you a slightly used box free.

    The cockrel in the picture is not for sale sorry.

    Thanks for looking!

    This Auction will end Sunday March 18th at 8pm Eastern time. Paypal payment is required by Monday 8am if you would like your birds shipped that week.
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  2. lil mama

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    Mar 10, 2012
    Is she still for sale?
  3. Beth G.

    Beth G. Gaetano Family Farm


    She was sold locally this afternoon.



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