AUCTION Barred Plymouth Rock ~10+~Stukel Lines-GONE!

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    ~This is an Auction Formatted Listing - Do not PM to bid! ~ Place your bid in a reply only!

    Bidding will start at: $50.00 ~ Additional bids will be in full dollar increments

    Shipping will be via USPS Priority Mail at a cost of 14.00

    Auction ends at 12:00 NOON EST on Sunday 1/22/12

    Last reply bid by that time is the winner of 10+ BR eggs from this fabulous line
    For Shipment on February 6, 2012

    Please place your bid as a reply to this ad ~ No Bids by PMs Accepted!
    Subscribe to this classified auction using the immediate notification setting when you bid so that you can stay on top of it!
    This is absolutely the last chance for eggs from Rex and his three beautimous ladies as he will be leaving to be breeder for a friend just as my collection of these eggs begins. I thought long and hard before I offered this set since I really felt the one two weeks ago would be the last and only set offered before Rex left, but other BYC members wanted a chance to have some, so I reconsidered.

    This quad of Barred Plymouth Rocks from Marvin Stukel lines is approx. 41 weeks old and in their prime. The barring is spectacular and the pullets are broad as barns. I doubt you can beat the barring on these anywhere.

    Rex's sire came directly from Mr. Stukel in Arizona. [​IMG]

    Payment is by postal money order only! Eggs will be shipped on Monday, February 6th, with Delivery Confirmation. When you win this auction, I will supply the address for you to send payment-payment must be made within seven days of winning the auction. If there are extras at that time, they will be sent along as well. I do hope to send at least a dozen.

    *There is one splash Rock pullet in with Rex and the ladies, so if by chance you get a blue barred bird, I have picked up one of hers by accident, though I can usually tell hers from the BR pullets' eggs. At this time, however, she is not laying.*

    I do not guarantee hatch rate after the P.O. does its "magic", however, I do pack very well. [​IMG]

    If the winning bid ends up topping $100, as it did last time, I will include the shipping in the price for you. [​IMG] Will ship anywhere in the lower 48. Thanks!

    **I reserve the right to refuse to sell to anyone if I feel the situation warrants it**
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  2. Duramaxgirl

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    Feb 12, 2010
    I can't believe nobodys bid on these! I'll start at

    And for a moment they where mine!
    I would love to start a real barred rock flock up here in Idaho!
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    Sep 11, 2011
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  4. Brindlebtch

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    Apr 15, 2009
    I'll go $65
  5. speckledhen

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    Thanks, folks! I did want to mention that the eggs are finally larger, especially Ida's-hers could be called a large, I'd say. Dottie still lays the smallest and roundest egg, but they've been laying for many weeks now. Shells have been nice and hard when I would crack them to check fertility. [​IMG]
  6. cjwaldon

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    Sep 11, 2011
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  7. MyHappyChicks

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    Jan 1, 2012
    I'm in for 70
  8. JenEric Farms

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    Oct 31, 2007
    I'm not bidding on these, but just wanted to comment that the barring on your roo is fabulous, so crisp and clean!!!
  9. speckledhen

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    Thank you! [​IMG]
  10. halo

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