Auction: Black Minorca and/or BBS Ameraucana hatching eggs

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    Sep 4, 2009
    Bidding ends Sunday, March 11th at 9pm CentralDaylight Savings Time.
    Bidding starts at $15, bids at $.50 increments.
    Get a dozen of one or the other or mix them up, or get one dozen each for the bidding price (ex. Bid ends at $25, you can get one dozen each for $25 each), YOU choose.
    Both of these pens have been laying very well since early January. Here in Minnesota, that is saying something!
    The Minorcas are not your little hatchery birds, these are some good sized birds that lay almost every day. Funny thing with this strain, some start out laying as blue of an egg as Ameraucanas that fades over time. I don't concern myself as much with the color of the egg at this point as I do with the quality of the birds they come from. These have been nearly 100% fertile and 95% hatch rate so far after 6 hatches. They are the first to pip and hatch out every time.

    The BBS Ameraucanas also are laying fantastic! The fertility is excellent as well as hatch rate also. I have 1 Splash hen, 1 Black hen and 4 Blue hens with one Black and one Blue roo. I think the Blue is doing all the work though [​IMG], being the dominant.

    I cannot be responsible for what may happen once the eggs leave my hands at the PO. I do package very well and mark the box well. The other buyers I have had have been very happy with the condition of the eggs they have received.
    The box will ship Monday or Tuesday (March 12 or 13 - again, YOUR choice). I will included extras as long as the eggs are no more than 5 days old when I am ready to ship. All eggs are dated with date of collection.

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