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    Auction begins 3/3/2012 at 7:30 pm EST and ends 3/4/2012 EST at 9:30 pm listing Starting at $25.00 with $1 increments (minimum of $1 dollar Increase). TO bid, post as reply to this listing and not in a message to me. Postage is $17.50 and is Priority mail/confirmation delivery. We wrap and ship carefully but do not guarantee or replace eggs as shipping and incubation is out of our control. Do subscribe to this listing to keep up to date with the bids. Eggs may be picked up at the farm if scheduled. 10+ eggs means minimum of 10 eggs and more added if available the day of shipping. Pickups are allowable if scheduled at the farm.

    If all the ladies lay equally, you should expect roughly 60% Blue Copper Marans and 30% Splash Copper Marans and 10% Black Copper Marahs.We have done fertility tests and received great feedback regarding shipped eggs as well.. This Pen represents Bev Davis and Wade Jeane and also our own Garry farm lineage. Please remember that blue x splash will yield both blue copper and splash copper marans and that bluexblue yields blue,black and splash marans. Only first generation splashes are used in the breeder pen to prevent fadeout of the splashes!

    More information about our full time farm and our philosophy is available at our website
    how we ship:
    or facebook The Garry Farm Happy & Blessed Bidding! We're fulltime farmers,please give us time to answer questions!

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