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AUCTION format~ Place your bids in a reply, not a PM. The bidding starts at $95 for the pair. This auction is for the offspring of the ducks pictured, those are my breeders. The ducks pictured are the parents. Offspring are pictured below. Shipping goes by weight (6 pounds in the box) and zip code. $10 new box fee. My Butters are from some of the best breeders out there (Jerry Foley and Dennis Fuller). You can see my breeders and the babies on my website. Sorry, no shipping to VA. NPIP # 51-370. 90 day AI tested. Thanks for looking and happy bidding! Auction ends on Mon. Sept.3rd (Labor Day) at 2pm EST unless there are no bids. Email me: tolbunt5(at)yahoo(dot)com.
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All gone. I won't have any more until next May.

The good news is, I am upgrading my flock! I'm getting an awesome SQ Trio from Dennis Fuller (Wapsiwaterfowl) in Iowa!

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