auction chickens trying to figure breeds...


8 Years
Aug 14, 2011
what looks like a Golden Lakenvelder all around but has a rosecomb and a bit more black, can't think of any right off the top of my head?? will get pics tomorrow...i also got a rosecomb, a single combed silkie for my project, a red pyle (color mixed) oegb, and some sort of black breasted red bird with a single comb and a very very tiny hint of white on the ears (will get a pic of him later as well). tried getting a black cochin, 2 barred cochin, a light brahma, and some game hens but their prices were $15+ a piece.
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here are the pics

the last 2 still make chick noises at times so i'm guessing still young and both have rosecombs so i'm guessing rosecombs as minorcas have single combs. the silkie is going to be used in my d'uccle project and has silkie comb. the oegb i'm not sure what i will do with, the other d'anver looking one idk what i'm gonna use for and the 1st one wasn't planning on keeping him but i may decide to
closest thing I know of, but hey I bought a bsl chick years ago that turned out to be a sumatra and two twin mutt hens that turned out to be golden lakenvelders. Took some searching to figure them out as I didn't know of them breeds at the time, so who knows
the thought crossed my mind as well, but bantams arent my thing, kinda like game birds. I can say its a game but for the most part not the type of game.
So whats you projrct with the silkie.... silkie duccles??

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