auction chickens


6 Years
Mar 19, 2013
I recently bought 5 hens at a poultry auction. When I got them home and had a look at them I found they where much older than I had hoped, several had nits at the base of there feathers, so I dusted them , 4 had lifted scales on there legs so all are being treated for leg mites. One has vent gleet, and 2 have bumble foot. So I am treating all these things. 2 of the hens have good size spurs. One has about 2 fingers width between her pelvic bones and the other 4 have about 1 ½ . One is molting. I have gotten 2 eggs from the 5 in the week I have had them. My question is how long should I wait to see of any of them start laying well? I know that stress can really affect the laying and I am sure they have been stressed. I was going for some good laying hens. I’ll know better what to look for next time.

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