Auction: Chocolates you Crave - A variety pack of Blue, Black, Splash Marans & possibly a few Wheat

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    This auction starts 2/23/ at 8:30 pm EST and will conclude at 2/26 at 10:00 pm EST. Bid increments are a minimum of $1 each .Shipment will be week of 2/27 if payment is prompt & hens continue laying as presently. 12+ means 12 eggs & more if available. No matter how well we pack and we do pack as if little lives depend on it, we are not responsible for factors outside our control,such as USPS handling or incubation and will not replace eggs. Please see how we pack at the end of this auction.Shipping will be $17.50 priority mail, confirmation delivery. Please specify what you want on your box other than Fragile. Get or give the chocolates you crave.These will give you wonderfully colored eggs that are so beautiful you will want to eat the shell! What you receive from each of the 3 pens will depend upon the eggs laid 2 days before shipment.

    Black Copper Marans & BBS pen has beautiful birds and has Wade Jeanne and Bev Davis lineage and now the Garry Farm Lineage.Wheaten marans flock is of Bev Davis/Buddy Henry lineage and now Garry farm lineage as well. Some of the hens have been laying for over 8 months without moulting, so their eggs are a lighter than the picture. All birds are at different times of their moulting, so some of the eggs will be lighter than others...We believe it's important for you to know that all birds were born of dark egg layers which increases your genetic possibilities of dark egg layers, though it doesn't guarantee.

    More information about our full time farm and our philosophy is available at our website
    how we ship:
    or facebook The Garry Farm Happy & Blessed Bidding! We're fulltime farmers,please give us time to answer questions!

    Below a picture of Moses the Young Roo who escaped The Garry Farm Roosterville and adopted young goats to guard and then was given a bevy of beautiful Black Copper Marans to love and protect! Another Happy ending Garry Farm true (Fairy) tale!
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    question regarding your egg picture. what is the light egg, is that what color I could get?
  3. bargain

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    NO, LOL Hoppy!!! The light colored egg is a double yolker Delaware egg of a 11 month old delaware hen!
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    I got double yokers

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