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    My chicks are far from laying, but do you think this would sell the eggs? And please help me correct any mistakes.

    This auction is for # hatching Eggs From Easter Egg chickens.
    Easter Eggers can lay blue, green, and even a pinkish color egg.

    In my experience, blue and green eggs always will sell better
    than the white and brown egg layers, so when your eggs grow
    up into chickens, don't be surprised if you sell out of eggs!

    My EE(easter Egger) flock consists of twenty to thirty hens
    and a few roosters, all having different colors and color patterns. I have other breeds of chicken but they
    will be separated from my EEs for two to three weeks before time
    of breeding, so that your eggs are pure EE and nothing else.

    My chickens free range and are fed layers crumbles, so they
    lay as many strong shelled eggs as possible, so all your eggs can be collected
    in one day, and have the greatest chance of arriving at you post office

    NONE of your eggs will be over three days old when shipped. It would not
    be unusual if they were collected the day they shipped. I will do the best I can to pack your eggs as safe as possible,
    but sadly, due to the post office, I can't gaurentee that the
    eggs will be in one piece when you receive them.

    You may receive a few extra eggs in your shipment, but I do not
    gaurentee any, and if you win the auction and do not wish to receive any extra eggs,
    please contact me immediately after the auction is over.

    Your eggs will be shipped Priority Mail and Paypal is the excepted method
    of payment. Please pay in full within 24 hours after auction ends. Thank you and I hope you have a nice hatch!
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    I would not use that term. JMHO. It is overused by hatcheries, causing major confusion. I'd just call them Easter Eggers myself. Others who write ads such as yours will surely comment on the other aspects of it, though.​
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    good point. I edited. thanks
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    Quote:Ok, I'm an editor, so I edited your post above. I'm hoping it's what you wanted. Your letter should work very well. I wish you luck with your future sales!
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    I caught 1 little typo.
    youR post office
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    thanks guys

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