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    Samedi 2 avril 2016 / Saturday April 2nd, 2016



    Location : Centre Communautaire Ronald Lalonde
    2564 St Pascal Rd, Saint-Pascal-Baylon, ON K0A 3N0

    Tous les vendeurs doivent être membres
    To sell you need to be a member.

    Cartes de membre disponibles sur place
    Membership cards available on site

    Les portes ouvrent à 7:00 / Doors open at 7:00am
    Encan débute à 9:00 / Auction starts at 9:00am

    Argent comptant seulement / Cash only

    Animaux acceptés / Animals accepted
    Faisans - Lapins - Oiseaux aquatiques – Oiseaux de cage -Paons- Pigeons - Volailles
    Cage Birds - Peafowl - Pheasants - Pigeons - Poultry
    Rabbits - Waterfowls

    Pour plus d’informations / For more informations
    Claude Bouchard : 613-488-2145 / Denise Besserer : 613-800-2026

    Prix de présence pour les membres / Door price for members

    Tirage 50/50 Draw

    Regulations for the auction of the of the Eastern Ontario Aviculture Association (EOAA)

    1. The day of the auction, doors open at 7:00am.
    2. Upon your arrival, you must present yourself to register and deposit your name in a capsule.
    3. At exactly 8:00am, a draw will take place in order to receive a lot number. As soon as your name is drawn, you choose a lot number.
    4. ALL the tables are available (no lot number reserve for the administration).
    5. All people arriving after the draw, will register and choose a lot number from the remaining ones.
    6. The auction begins at 9:00am.
    7. You must be member of the association (EOAA) for the current year to be able to sell your birds.
    8. Your membership is renewable at the beginning of the calendar year (from January 1st to December 31st). You must be a member before the beginning of the auction of spring to give you a right to vote at the Annual general meeting.
    9. The two auctions of the EOAA will be held first Saturday of April and first Saturday of October of each year.
    10. It costs $25.00 per year to become a member of the association.
    11. The member’s cards are available at the door on the day of the auction.
    12. Only cash is accepted.
    13. All sales are final.
    14. A commission of 15% is retained on all sales.
    15. A commission of 15 % is retained on any repurchase up to a maximum of $5.00 per repurchased box.
    16. A table will be available for the transition from the birds requiring a license (either federal or provincial).
    17. The labels of association (available at the door at the cost of 25¢ each) must be affixed on all the boxes.
    18. The labels must be legibly and completely filled out.
    19. The sex and any malformation of the birds must be clearly indicated on the labels.
    20. A maximum of 20 boxes is allowed by member. We recommend 3 birds per box.
    21. All the birds must be contained in boxes of quality, clean and with frontage out of netting.
    22. No sick or wounded birds will be tolerated.
    23. Everyone attends the auction at their own risks. The owners are responsible for their own birds throughout auction.
    24. All the boxes must be numbered with the lot number chosen.
    25. No sale outside the room is tolerated by the EOAA the day of the auction.
    26. We ask you to respect all the rules of the auction; your access to the next auctions could be compromised.
    27. No ferret, dog, cat, raccoon, skunk or other predatory animals are allowed in the room the day of the auction.
    28. No reptiles or animals of the farm will be sold at the auction.
    29. If nobody makes an offer for a box at the time of sale and is not claimed by its owner, this box becomes automatically the property of the association.
    30. You must present your membership card when you claim your money.
    The EOAA expects that all the regulations of the organization will be resp

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