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    Up for bids, a combination of our lovely Sussex breed hatching eggs. The Light Sussex may include some eggs from my pen with the Coronation pair, so you could possibly hatch a pure Coronation. People are always so amazed at how big the Light Sussex and Coronation roosters are. The color of the Speckled Sussex is quite unusual, a rich red with a green sheen in places, and those unpredictable specks! The hens are good layers of brown eggs, and all of these birds make good backyard chickens. If you have any questions, PM me. Fertility has been great, and i have three pens of Light Sussex so you get a variety of genes. As always, i can't guarantee your hatch rate on shipped eggs, but i do pack carefully and i do test hatches a lot. Happy hatching! Deb
    Due to special request, these eggs will ship Monday morning. Auction ENDED, DO NOT BID
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