*Auction* Ends 3-20-12 ~Buff Silkie Pair~

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    Have a nice BQ pair of Buff Silkies. The hen just turned 1 last month and the cockerel was hatched 8-29-11. He has good toe separation on one foot but could have better on the other. He also has some black smutt in is tail. Other than that he looks like a generally nice Buff Silkie Cockerel. The hen is clear Buff, I have not found any white of black smutt anywhere on her. She could have a larger crest, both could actually, but has nice dark eyes, a nice comb(from what I can tell) and has good toe separation on each foot. Will get more pics of her on request. She is out of condition and has been in a breeding pen so she looks rough, but overall a nice bird. If you have any questions feel free to PM me. Pics taken 3-11-12.

    If you plan to have these birds shipped please understand you must send a box as I have none. Shipping will be $55, althought I would rather prefer them be picked up here or at a show im attending.

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  2. squig2

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    sure wish you had a box....
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    Not to jump in - but if I ever need to send a box to someone I'm ordering birds from - all I do is order a box through this company..


    They ship it straight to the breeder for you.


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