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Hi all, I wanted to get some opinions.

I sold some eggs and they were supposed to be sent out today, I have not heard from the buyer yet. I am concerned because I want the eggs to stay fresh for maximum fertility.

How long should I give the buyer to pay???
We collect the eggs the day the auction ends. If the buyer takes a week to pay they get the same eggs that were collected for the auction. That's their problem for paying late.

This is our blurb from our ebay auctions.

"We ship fresh and fertile eggs and are not responsible for USPS handling. Due to cold weather the buyer needs to be aware that eggs can freeze in transit and bid accordingly. We hand deliver every package to the main Post Office at 8AM the day after the auction ends. We time our auctions to end Sunday evening for Monday shipment. Delay in payment after 6AM EST Monday results in your eggs going to a smaller PO and adds an extra day to the shipping time; we make one trip to the PO per day. We ship the eggs in a plain unmarked standard size priority box provided by the Post Office. Nothing is written on the outside of the box. After speaking with several Postal employees and from shipping many eggs we have found this is to be a very effective method to ship hatching eggs. If you would like the package marked please let us know how you would like the package marked.

Delay in payment equals delay in shipping. We must accept E-checks per Ebay rules but that will delay shipping of the eggs you bid on by 3 to 5 days. It takes that long for an E-check to clear thru PayPal."

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Exactly payer beware you bought them if I dont ship them I hatch them if I can if not you wont ever order from me again
But they get the eggs specified for that auction period
That or offer them to the next bidder
Is this ebay or somewhere else
Lots of this is case-by-case basis, but I would suggest that people selling egg put something in their first post saying, "Winning bidder must make contact within 24 hours or these will be sold to the next bidder or immediately relisted."
If its from ebay you have to wait 4 days then you can start a claim that usually gets there attention
But the eggs are 4 days old then add shipping time 3 days minimum so if they get them old its their own fault
I will remember this for future use, I like that. This is the first time we have sold any eggs and only because our little call female is laying like crazy. I did sell them through here (BYC) and I did contact the seller immediately by PM and private email, plus I sent an invoice through paypal. I will wait till end of today I guess and hope she contacts me.
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