Auction for 12+Langshan Hatching Eggs. Meeks Line. Ends 3/8 at 9:00pm EST

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    You will be bidding on 12+ of my Blue/Splash Langshan hatching eggs. Langshans are one of the oldest and tallest heritage breeds of chickens in existence today. They are excellent foragers and produce some of the most beautiful blue patterns found anywhere. Being a Heritage breed they are slower to mature and don't begin laying till around 8 months of age. Once they start, however, they are laying machines. They adapt well to cold climates since they originate from the mountainous areas of northern China. Our flock is 11 months old and we are getting 7-9 eggs per day from our ten girls and have yet to find an egg that is not fertile. We have our girls divided into two pens. We have a blue roo and a silver gene black roo with six splash girls and a splash roo with three blue girls and one black that holds the silver gene. We are currently averaging 75% blues in our hatches and an overall hatch rate of 95% but as you know we cannot guarantee or pinpoint what percentage of the eggs will be blue or splash nor guarantee your hatch rate due to hatching methods, delays in transit, rough handling by the post office, etc. Shipping is 13.85 to anywhere in the U.S. lower 48. Payment is expected within 1 hour of auctions end by paypal only. It usually takes me 2-3 days to gather an order so I wait to begin gathering an order on a day when I get seven or eight eggs to ensure they will be no older than 2 1/2 days old when shipped. Your eggs will ship between 3/9 and 3/12. You can ask anyone who has bought eggs from me to verify the fact that no one takes more time with packing the eggs or does a better job of packing the eggs than we do, period. We use the Meeks Method developed by our good friend at Skyline Poultry who we work with in the preservation of this breed as well as several others. In the event of predation, thievery, fire raining down from heaven, etc and I cannot fill your order in the time frame specified I will notify you and we can either ship at a later time or you will be given a full refund. I can also delay shipping at your request as well, just include it in the message column of your paypal payment along with your phone number if you want your eggs held at the post office for you to pick up.We gather twice a day and clean our nests often because filthy eggs can hurt hatch rates more than disgruntled postal employees. Good luck to all and thanks for looking. The opening bid for these will be $19.99 and please bid in at least $1.00 increments. This auction will end Thursday, March 8th, at 9:00 pm Eastern Standard Time. Please do not pm me to bid just place it in your reply to this add.
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    Beautiful birds, and the Meeks Method is the best! [​IMG]
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    I won this auction earlier and I received 15 eggs [​IMG][​IMG] When I set them I only saw 14 so I set them and 11 hatched [​IMG][​IMG]Five whole days after I set the first ones I found # 15 in the bottom of the box - I have really bad eyes [​IMG] I put it in the bator anyway and it hatched 5 days after the first 11 so 12 out of 15 shipped eggs hatched [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]That was shipping from Tennessee to South Texas - TOTALLY INCREDIBLE [​IMG][​IMG] These chicks are incredibly beauteous and amazing [​IMG][​IMG]!!! You won't be disappointed in these if you bid on this auction the shipping was AWESOME as well [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
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    I bid $20

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