Auction for 12+ Light Sussex hatching eggs Dinger-Bradshaw line(buy it now for $30) Ends 6/7/12 Free


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Jul 19, 2011
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This Auction is for 12+ hatching eggs from my light Sussex. Shipping is $13.85 These are very beautiful, large bodied birds and the roosters from this particular line commonly reach 14-16 lbs. The birds pictured are 8 months old and are already very heavy birds. I acquired my birds from a local breeder here named H.K. Ensley who had gotten his birds from Ron Presley. H.K. was a poultry judge for many years and through his efforts this is probably the best line of Light Sussex you can get. The eggs will be shipped Friday morning so please pay promptly after auctions end to ensure your eggs are fresh. Please bid by posting a reply to this forum with the dollar amount you are bidding. We have an excellent fertility and hatch rate on our eggs and expect that you will have the same but we cannot guarantee your hatch rate due to weather, shipping delays, rough handling, etc. This Auction ends Thursday, June 7th, at 9:00p.m. EST. Free shipping with buy it now price.
My Paypal address for payment is
[email protected]
Thanks for looking and good luck.
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I've bought 2 settings of his eggs. Don't hesitate! If you want quality you'll find it here. I don't think anybody who buys this auction will be disappointed. Very highly recommended.

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