Auction for Black Old English Trio ENDS ON FRI AT 4:00PM CST

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    Apr 25, 2011
    I have a Black Old English Trio one of the hens came from another breeder and has white and black speckled legs but is small in size. The rooster and other hen came from the same breeder both about 2 years old. Both small and have good type came from a local show quality line, I didn't buy directly from the breeder so not sure of his name. The rooster's comb has been dubbed by previous owner and ready to be shown he is a manfighter stick your hand in the cage with him and he is ready to fight your hand.

    As far as bidding I am starting this trio out at $15 WITH A RESERVE PRICE!!! So please only serious bidders and buyers. Shipping box is $16 and Express shipping should be around $60 for the trio or $65 for the quad of course depending on your location I know states like CA and WA will be a bit higher in that zone. Pickup is also welcome I'm located between Elizabethtown and Bowling Green, KY.

    I do have an extra black old english hen if anyone wants to make this a Quad but she is a bit bigger than the other 3 but her legs are black in color.

    If you want to bid on just the trio please specify like this:
    I will bid $15 on the trio or if you are interested in all 4 I will bid $15 on the Quad
    Of course if there are any questions just ask me on here or send me a PM.

    Picture of the hen that came from same breeder as the rooster:

    Picture of the other hen that has the white and black legs:

    Picture of the rooster:

    And picture of the other black hen that is a bit bigger:

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