Auction: Group of 5 Lavender Orpingtons

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    This is an Auction Formatted listing. Do not PM to bid. Place bid in a reply.

    Lavender Orpingtons born 6/12/11, purchased as day old chicks from Rockinpaints. One cockerel and 4 pullets, laying large, light brown eggs. LO's are still in the project stage. I am committed to improving the variety, so I am putting a Black O over 4 of these LO siblings. This has freed me up to sell the 5 described above. Why buy day-old chicks when you can have a laying flock immediately.

    The bidding starts at $50. Additional bids will be in $5.00 increments. Place your bid as a reply. Make sure to keep checking back to up your bid as needed. Don't forget to subscribe to this listing so you don't get outbid.

    I will not ship. Pick up or I will meet you within a 60 mile radius of Newcastle, IN, with advance payment. I may be willing to travel a bit farther at an additional fee.

    Auction will end at 8:00 p.m. EST on Tuesday, February 7, 2012
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    I will start with 50.00

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