Auction has ended... Polish WC Choc / WC Khaki 1 day old chicks

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    AUCTION HAS ENDED DO NOT BID!!! I changed the auction and split the chicks into two different auctions. If you are interested in any of these chicks look for my other auctions.

    Hatch Date: July 5th
    This auction is for whatever hatches out, so you can even end up with more than 13 chicks. I guarantee at least 13 or I will refund your money and will sell the chicks when they are older. Here is what I have in the bator that will be hatching out and are included in this auction. You will receive all that hatch out and again I guarantee at least 13 chicks...
    13 bantam Polish eggs that are either WC Chocolate, WC Khaki, and small chance of WC Blacks as well!
    3 standard Polish eggs that will be standard X bantam sized WC Chocolate or WC Black Polish!
    5 Standard mixed eggs from my red sex link hen and bantam WC Chocolate Cuckoo Polish Roo!
    I have great hatch rates and have always had 90% or higher hatch out in all of my past hatches! All these eggs are fertile and developing nicely when candled at 1 week into incubation.
    The parents of the pure Polish eggs are my WC Chocolate frizzled Roo, my WC Chocolate bantam hens, and my WC Black standard Hen.
    The parents of the mixed eggs are my Standard red Cinamon queen sex link hen, and my bantam Chocolate Cuckoo Polish Roo.
    All chicks have a 50% chance of being frizzled and the rest will be smooth with the frizzle gene. Both my Polish Roos are frizzled.
    Most chicks as you can see will be from my WC Chocolate bantam hens and will be WC Chocolate or WC Khaki and they can also have WC blacks but not very often...
    I have always had great sucess with shipping day old chicks and have never lost one yet. I also use growgel plus and egg yoke in the shipping box for the chicks to eat on the way. HATCH DATE IS Monday July 5th AND CHICKS WILL SHIP OUT AS SOON AS THEY HATCH OUT SO PAYMENT IS DUE IN FULL BEFORE HATCH DATE! It must be ok to ship your chicks on Monday or Tuesday so keep this in mind before you buy these chicks. You will receive them with in 1 to 3 days and they will be shipped priority. Shipping includes: box, growgel, and postage. Please note I reserve the right to close auction at any time if somone offers me the buy it now price someplace else. This auction is for whatever hatches out so you can even get more than 13 chicks! I guarantee at least 13 or I will let you choose if you want to prorate the auction or not buy the chicks and in that case I will sell them at a later date. Please feel free to call or pm me anytime. Thanks, Kristina
    Below are some pics of past chicks:
    WC Khaki Smooth 6 weeks old:
    WC Chocolate Smooth feathered 2 or 3 weeks old:
    WC Black Smooth: 6 weeks old
    WC black frizzle 2 weeks
    WC Black To young to tell if frizzled or not: 1 week old
    WC Khaki to young to tell if frizzled or not : 1 week old

    Here you go:
    My two Roos when they were very young, 1 is WC Chocolate frizzled the other is Chocolate Cuckoo frizzled. Both are bantams:
    One of My Chocolate bantam hens:
    My WC Black standard hen,(She is small for a standard hen), and my Chocolate Cuckoo bantam frizzled Roo:
    You can see some more of our past chicks in the old auctions... Thanks
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