Auction is for 10 + Blue & Black Coppers NPIP Certified


11 Years
Nov 14, 2008
EGGS WILL BE SHIPPED PRIORITY MAIL last listing of blue & blk coppers together. Ends 1/18/ 2012
Bid starts at $30.00 and each bid increase at .50 cents please reply in listing so others will know you have bid?

PAYPAL AUCTION ONLY .. NPIP CERTIFIED: FLAT RATE SHIPPING $15.00 ship only in the lower 48 states I am offering 10+ Blue and black copper marans hatching eggs, This is B. Davis line only ,I will put in extra eggs if they lay day of shipping. But for some reason if they stop laying, I will return money, if I can't fill the order.I have won 1 st. place with the eggs theses hens lay.I have black copper roo's over my blue and black copper hens. My chickens all are feathered leggs, but every now and then I get some chicks hatched cleaned leggs don't know why but they do.We can not guarantuee hatch rate due to the risk factors, which may include bumping, knocking, dropping......Each egg will be bubbled wrapped individually. We can't or won't be responsible for the condition and/ or mishandling of the package (by the Post Office employees), the possibility of having the package X-rayed, which they sometimes randomly conduct, or mishaps with your incubator that you use..we would appreciate it if you could leave feedback that reflects our packaging service and shipping time, not the hatch rate. Once you've left feedback, we'll know that the eggs have made it to you safely, and then we'll leave feedback in return. Most of the time, our eggs are relatively clean but if there is some dirt on them, we won't wash the eggs (only scratch off what we can with our fingernail) and we don't handle them anymore than we have to. We want these eggs to make it to you intact and want you to have a great hatch! The eggs that we package up for you will be carefully inspected and candled for cracks before they leave our hands. I no longer automatically include insurance since the PO won't insure hatching eggs. EGGS WILL BE SENT NEXT DAY ,mailing service, providied money has been paid. PLEASE PAY WHEN AUCTION ENDS....PAYPAL ADDRESS IS:
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Hey there! Wednesday is my birthday. Are you all going to let me have this auction? Really, it is, I will be 46.

I will now bid $33.00.
What snow? We have nothing! My son is going crazy because he is dying to go snowboarding and we have almost bare ground! It is cold, but it is going to be close to 40 again by the beginning of next week.
Besides, I think Ohio is colder than we are about now.

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