Auction! Large Fowl Cochins! Blue, Black and Splash~ NPIP in NC~12 + extras Hatching Eggs


9 Years
Sep 17, 2010
Olin, North Carolina
My incubators are full, so I am offering 12+ any extras from Hens and Friends Large Fowl Blue Cochins. I am hatching Blue, Black, Splash and occasionally Lavender from these sweet birds. I have 3 roosters, Black, Blue and Splash with the hens. The hens are Blue, Black and Splash as well.
The LF Cochins are very friendly and the roosters are not aggressive with each other or with people. They are huge birds, but I have found them to be very feed efficient. My birds have access to a large grassy orchard and free range throughout the day. They are fed a high quality feed and are given fresh veggies and fruits from my garden and orchard. In general they are pretty spoiled!
My Flock is NPIP in NC, and is vaccinated for Marek's Disease.
Feel free to visit my website at
to find out more about my farm.
Feel free to PM me with any questions about my birds or this auction.
These are recent photos of my birds that I took here at the Farm.
Fertility has been great and I have been hatching beautiful chicks from these sweeties.

The Auction bid will start at 15.00 with bids in increments of 1.00 or more.

The Auction begins now and will end on Saturday, April 27th at 7 pm Eastern Standard Time. This package of eggs will be super fresh and will be shipped to you on Monday, April 29th or Tuesday the 30th. Payment is to be made to my PayPal account immediately following the auction. A delay in payment will only mean a delay in shipment and loss of freshness of the eggs for you.
A tracking # will be given you on Monday as well.

Shipping will be an additional 16.00. I will pay for the insurance for the eggs!
You may also arrange for pickup of these eggs at the farm if you live nearby.

I wrap each egg in large bubble wrap and then cushion them extremely well for the trip to your incubator. I will ship them by USPS, Priority Mail with insurance included on the package for the amount of the bid. The box WILL NOT be marked Fragile, Hatching Eggs, Etc. to protect them from negligence by the PO. Please leave feedback about the condition of your package upon arrival and my service.

The package will be insured and if the eggs are destroyed, we can file a claim with the PO and I will send you more eggs if necessary. I will be happy to work with you to make sure you have a successful hatch. I can not be responsible for your hatch rate due to all of the variables involved in hatching shipped eggs etc.
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