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    Oct 21, 2010
    This is concerning an auction for two serama roosters that sold on September 24,2011 around 3:00 pm. I was watching the auction approx. 10 minutes prior to the end of the auction. I was timing it within a second of each minute as it decreased. When it got down to one minute I bid with about 15 seconds left. We were told we had the highest bid, but the auction did not end when it was suppose to. The auction continued for another whole minute allowing time for someone else to bid and win the auction. This happened twice. I would like to know why the auction did not end when it was suppose to. If the auction is going to continue another minute passed when it is to end you need to make people aware of it. I am unable to find out on your site why this may have happened. There is know way that someone could have typed in an additional bid in the time that was left. I am not happy that I was out bid unfairly. I would like answers.
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    This is the first time this was reported as happening and we will get you an answer as soon as we know it. [​IMG]

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    We're looking into this, but haven't been able to duplicate the problem or isolate the reason it happened. I know that doesn't provide a lot of help, but bug duplicating, finding, and fixing can be a very laborious and lengthy process.... especially when it is something that isn't consistently happening.

    (it's kinda like when you take your car into the shop for a noise, but the noise stops once you get there) [​IMG]

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