Auction-RARE 3 Gold Laced Brahma Pullets and 1 Buff Laced Brahma Cockerel-Ends 7-1-12 at 6:30pm PST


9 Years
Mar 25, 2010
Eatonville, Washington
I have 3 Gold Laced Brahma 2 pullets/1 hen and a Buff Laced brahma Cockerel all around 10 months and 1 hen 17 months now. The mix will give both buff laced and gold laced when bred together. No splash! I just wormed and will put sevin dust on them when shipped. Shipping will depend where you live. You can figure it out by USPS from 98328 to your zipcode Experss for 30# approx.(est. only) I will add box charge also of 25.00. Local pick up is welcome! Starting bid 300.00 and I except money order or money gram through walmart only. No paypal sorry. Auction ends July 1st at 6:30pm PST. I will also sell outright for the right offer. I may also have 1 more pullet I can add for extra as long as I can keep the box weight for what the usps excepts. I have the right to pull this auction at anytime if sold outright. I WILL NOT be responsible for USPS losing birds. I can not insure them. I can not be responsible either if they sit in 110 degree weather outside in the middle of no where. Its Washington here where these birds are comfy at 65 degrees. I know there are some hot spots so you have to figure out if you want to risk shipping? Shoot me a offer if interested or bid. Please post bid here in a reply. Bidding by 5.00 increments please.

Came from Dan Powell lines direct from him.
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