Auction: Rare Greenfire Farms lineage - 7+ Coronation Sussex hatching eggs - no splits

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    This is an auction...Bids start at $30 dollars with minimum bid increments of $1. Auction starts 4:00 pm EST 2/17 and ends 2/19 at 10:00 pm EST I've hatched plenty for the past 10 months....This is for 7+ 100% purebred Coronation Sussex hatching eggs. Breeding flock are 100% Greenfire Farms imported Coronation Sussex line..7+ means you will get a minimum of 7 and more if laid the day of shipping and the day before! .Please reply with bids to this post. [​IMG].There are purebreds, no splits in this grouping. The little rooster is a 3 week old Pet Roo shipped from farm friend Paula. from her flocks in early 2010 fall, who later became too big to sit on Farmer Nancy's sho but still knows his loving mother!

    Our flocks came at great cost to us with 4 unrelated pairs that were purchased and a trio that was shared with our farm by our dear Friend Paula C. Eggs are $35 to start the bid and will include any extras that are laid the day before shipping and the day of shipping. The cost of shipping will be $17 for the way that we ship, box within a box method but no egg cartons used and no prepaid boxes. No mattter how carefully we ship and we ship as if little lives depend on it because they do, once the packed boxes leave the farm we cannot be responsibility for postal handling or incubation methods/conditions so we don't guarantee hatch rates or replace eggs.

    These are massive poultry but so friendly that I can pick up full sized hens with no fuss from the Rooster. These birds will be "eyestoppers" on your farm or in your backyard. The picture above is of them at 4 months They are double that size now! We have tested fertility by visuals and also by about 20 baby chicks as well!

    Please message me with questions but put bids in response to this listing.Thanks and have a blessed day.
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