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    I'm not sure this is the right place for these but here goes:

    I went to my first poultry auction yesterday.
    Small but interesting selection of birds including some that tempted me greatly. Some of the sellers were absentee - just dropped off birds and left instructions as to where payment was to be sent, some stayed for the sale.
    As a newbie I wondered -
    1-Am I right to look for birds that appear alert and in good health?
    This may sound like a DUH question, but some of the hens presented were squished in cages so tight & low & so many birds they couldn't move so it was hard to evaluate them. The ones in larger cages could at least move and be seen so I could see coat condition, alertness, any obvious flaws/illness.

    2-Some of the chicks shown from boxes were picked up by buyers. Is this a good idea? I felt babies should be left alone - am I wrong? None of the adult birds were handled before being sold.
    These were babies anywhere from a couple days to a couple months old.

    3-if hens are advertised as "laying" can I assume the bird is just being sold as excess or should I ask why?

    4-How is a Swap different from an auction or is it just the selling method is one-on-one rather than by auctioneer?

    TIA for any answers [​IMG]
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