12 Years
Aug 8, 2007
Maryland 21787
I have no more room in the incubator, sooo ... Im offering eggs again to anyone interested.
This auction is for 12+ eggs from my line of wheaten and blue wheaten ameracauna
Auction will close Tuesday at noon EST.. I will ship on Wed
paypal to [email protected]... add $15 for shipping.

Some of the hens have been laying all season and backs are getting bare.... some eggs apear to me to be more pale than usual, however the genetics inside the egg are still the same. The birds you hatch should lay the nice rich turquoise colored egg.
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I cant buy them right now but I had to tell you that those are some of the most amazeing and wonderfull and pretty eggs I have ever seen and IM IN LOVE with them
Did you get my email i sent you yesterday? I will bid 52.oo . I do not have pay pal . Is there another way I can send you the money if I get some eggs,not nec. this batch,.. I could send you a money order from the post office or a personal ck either one. I soo want some of these eggs. Gloria Jean

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