Auctions 12+ Blue, Black, Splash, Buff, White and possibly partridge hatching eggs- great diversity

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    Please notice THIS IS AN Auction!
    Auction begins 7:30 pm EST on 10/19/2012 & ends at 10:00 pm EST on 10/22 To Bid, please reply to the listing below with your bid. Bidding begins at $20 with minimum increase of at least 50 additional cents per bid. You may of course bid higher if you wish. TO stay current, please subscribe to this listing. This is a relist so please ignore the comment dated a few days before this listing. Thanks! To Bid, reply to this listing with your bid. . Eggs to ship after paypal is received (no Epay please) . In Order for us to ship promptly, winner needs to pay as soon as possible after closing. 12+ means if there are extra silkie eggs they are included. Shipping is $17.00 We wrap our eggs very careful in a unique boxing system For details on how we ship eggs, please see last line. We pack as if little lives depend on it, once we leave them at the post office, because shipping and incubation are out of our control and therefore we do not replace eggs.

    Eggs come from all pens. Colors will include blue, black, splash, white and partridge. The Garry Farm breeder silkies are crested, bearded, blue ear lobes, black skin, 5 toes. Our flock is largely from Mbrobbins here on BYC, but also have silkies from other BYC'ers and others who have award winning birds. Have Bobby Porto, Aimee Crego and Sunshine Silkies lineage as well as other quality lines! Although all our breeders are show quality, not pet quality, no guarantee you will only get show quality babies, but it certainly helps when you have a wonderful gene pool working for you...We love our silkies. They are super pets & great broodies

    At close of the auction, winner should deposit into our paypal: [email protected] Be sure your mailing address is correct and visible to us. Most mobile phone transactions do not allow the buyer to see the address. So please pm me the mailing address and any special mailing instructions (including asking post office to hold - for that we need your phone number for outside of the box Should you be interested in direct ordering these or any other of our eggs that may not be listed this weekend or need a complete listing of our eggs,please see our website or if you don't have paypal and want to order from us. Thanks, Happy Bidding and have a blessed day. Nancy Be sure and see our silkie album on BYC:
    Put bids in response to this listing,Happy bidding and have a blessed day.
    For more information about our farm see:
    or Facebook: The Garry Farm or The Garry Farm Animals for sale
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    Did anyone bid on these? Because If not I will take them for $20.

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